Fingers Theatre "Forest friends" - Rabbit


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The little heroes of the finger theater, made of natural materials and created for many adventures, will help you in difficult times and on endless number of stories The little bunny loves somersaulting and running so much that sometimes it forgets to eat even his favorite carrot. And that's why he is sometimes sad and cries. But mommy always know the reasion and when she brings a delicious dinner made out of carrots, he begins to smile. The bunny will be your friend when you are bored of eating or when you are really in need of a company. Development of: fine motor skills, imagination, acting skills, creativity, storitelling Details: 1 fingers toy in the pack Size: 80*41*7 mm rabbit Size of package: 100*80*20 mm Weight without of packaging: 0,03 kg weight with packaging: 0.05 kg Material: birch plywood euro 1 standart based on the FSC wood, felt Package: craft box, paper case Age: 1+