Fingers Theatre "Forest friends" - Bear


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The little heroes of the finger theater, made of natural materials and created for many adventures, will help you in difficult times and on endless number of stories The little teddy bear have 3 favourite things. Those are sleeping, delicious honey and many butterflies. He run after butterflies through the forest, climbed the highest tree and afraid to go down. Once he climbed so high that he could not go down at all, he started to call his mother.Mom ran from the far edge and smiled when she saw her brave bear. My dear little bear, someday you will be so big that you can climb on any trees, but while you are small, have time to see an incredible world next to your and under your feet Details: 1 fingers toy in the pack Size: 76*51*7 mm bear Size of package: 100*80*20 mm Weight without of packaging 0,03 kg Weight with packaging 0.05 kg Material: birch plywood euro 1 standart based on the FSC wood, felt Package: craft box, paper case Age: 1+