Selling to Tokki

How do find your stock?  How does it work?  

  • You drop off your clean, smoke free and pet hair free, gently worn and like-new or vintage clothing/shoes/accessories
  • Give us 5-7 days to go through your items; longer depending on how many drop-offs we have to go through
  • We make you a cash offer for what we would like to take or offer 20% additional in shop credit

    What happens to items Tokki does not take?  

    We have partnered with a local community organization to donate on your behalf. We donate weekly and our donations directly impacts families in need.

    How are prices determined?  

    Tokki generally pays 20-30% of what it would be priced at in the store.  Ie. If we buy something for $3, it will be priced to sell at $10.  Of course, there are always exceptions and it is based on demand, seasonality, brand, condition and inventory.

    When can I drop off my items?  

    By scheduled appointment at the link below

    All prices are in CAD $.


    What Brands Aren't You Taking?

    We are currently not accepting Carter's, Cherokee, George, Canadiana, Children's Place