Selling to Tokki

How do find your stock?  How does it work?  

  • We buy directly from you!  
  • You drop off your clean, smoke free and pet hair free, gently worn and like-new or vintage clothing/shoes/accessories/toys BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
  • Give us 5-7 days to go through your items; longer depending on how many drop-offs we have to go through
  • We make you a cash offer for what we would like to take or offer 20% additional in shop credit; both will be sent electronically

    What happens to items Tokki does not take?  

    We have partnered with local community organizations to donate on your behalf. We donate weekly and our donations directly impacts families in need.

    How are prices determined?  

    Tokki generally pays 20-30% of what it would be priced at in the store.  Ie. If we buy something for $3, it will be priced to sell at $10.  Of course, there are always exceptions and it is based on demand, seasonality, brand, condition and inventory.

    When can I drop off my items?  

    Any time during open studio hours.  Please check our instagram for latest hours by week as they are subject to change.


    All prices are in CAD $.