Attachment Parenting Workshop

Monday November 18th @ 10:30 AM FREE

Fostering Healthy Attachment Relationships: The importance of healthy attachment relationships for children is well established. Popular ideas about attachment focus on co-sleeping, baby wearing, and other activities which in themselves, will in no way guarantee healthy attachment. Go deeper with Child and Family Therapist Julia Swaigen MSW, RSW. Julia will share some of the science behind attachment, debunk common myths and answer your question so that you can create the conditions for healthy attachment in your family.
Julia Swaigen has 15 years of rewarding experience working with children, families and schools to address a wide range of difficulties. She is also currently parenting her own two children and understands, first hand, the complex challenges parents face. Her passion is to empower grown-ups to create the conditions necessary for children to reach their full potential. Click link below to register. Babies welcome





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