NEW! TOKKI + Covid-19

Thank you everyone for your support and patience as we navigate this new normal.  We've put together some FAQs for those curious as to how we are currently running things.  Please bear with us as we are also home with our families, physical distancing and navigating this new "normal".  We appreciate your patience with all correspondence, deliveries and in-store pick ups.


Q:  I have items that I would like to sell to Tokki...what do I do?

A:   Drop off times are only available by appointment at our new studio location or for pick up within boundaries the following boundaries:

West End boundaries are: Royal York, St. Clair, Bathurst, Queen/Queensway

East End boundaries are:  Ellington, Broadview, Lakeshore, Warden

Q:  I have an online order that I would like to pick up...what do I do?

A:   Pick up times are by online sign up only unless otherwise arranged. Times will be released weekly so that we can ensure physical distancing and keeping our families and yours safe. Please check our Instagram for sign up times.

 Q:  I purchased online and would love a local contactless delivery.  How do I coordinate this?

A:  Select LOCAL DELIVERY as option when checking out.  Ensure you are within our delivery boundaries.  WEST:  St. Clair, Bathurst, Queen Street West/Queensway, Royal York

EAST:  Eglinton, Broadview, Lakeshore, Warden.  Please allow at least 7 days for delivery.   

NOTE that we can only deliver to houses with somewhere to drop off packages.  If you are in an apartment/condo/multi-dwelling address and have selected local delivery as an option, Tokki is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  You may be contacted to arrange in-store pick up or shipping.

Q:  I have items I would love to sell to Tokki.  Can I schedule a pickup?

A:  Yes!  Boundaries are the same as delivery above.  We will do pick ups once/week.  Please ensure to include the following info with your bags/boxes - name, number, address, date.  Contact us so that we can add to our weekly schedule.  NOTE that we can only pick up from homes with a porch and Tokki is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 

Q:  What happens to items Tokki doesn’t take from my items?

A:  Because our local partner to donate is not accepting, we can schedule a drop off or pick up of your remaining items.  We cannot keep anything we don’t accept at the shop so please coordinate with us on getting your items back.

Q:  What do a I get for my items?

A:  We can send an e-transfer or shop credit.  The latter does not expire. 

Q:  Can I use my credit online?

A:  Yes!

Q:  I need some Tokki socks!!

A:  We are working to get these online but if you contact us we can send you images of what we have in stock in the size you need!  And they are still 3 for $10.

Q:  Kiddo is growing out of things during this lockdown.  Help!

A:  We would be happy to bundle items for you.  Send us a message on budget + style!  Personal shopping, yes please!  We'll help you find what you need.

Q:  Do you offer gift cards?

A:  YES!  You can add these in any denomination from our online shop for yourself or e-send as a gift.  Add to cart and ensure email address to recipient is accurate.